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doing the dirty [02 Feb 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

today was TOO GOOD! oh my. it truly was. first of all, can we start out with an outstanding talk with the loveliest katty chadberry! things are gonna be so good coming sooon. and then.. szabo (saxbo) and sharon in journey...and some more katty. i love our journey talks. haha. they are so random and good for me. especially ours saxbo! harhar. ummm then i went to drama practice with dj, and then dj, sarosi bear, and kendall watched american idol and wrestling and made many plans for our days. our lives are going to be so fun with goodwill, lotr, the summertime, and our JERICHO's.. whom we will sing "on ze catwalk" to as we shake shake shake our rumps.

i think i will be much happier now. i'm no longer being deceived. i mean what was i honestly thinking? :-]

dj we need to work on my layout and banner. <3333 to christina aguilera!

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you are so off my buddy list! [01 Feb 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i love deejay!sass TOO MUCH!! :-] mmhmm. its true!

sarosi bear... i have many inquiries about LOTR that i know only you can answer... :-] i hope i see you in the morrow at sir deejays.

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dream on [01 Feb 2004|06:04pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Your Dark Secret by tinyman
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the mom took me to goodwill today. scores there. its getting to be superbowl time as of now and i do not wish to partake in viewing it. hmm so i guess i won't. that was a tough decision. hermmm.. i'm bored and thinky. i wish people understood me. :-[ oh werlllll... graduation is soon, right? i can't wait. it will be much better.

supersupersuperbowl fun....piss to that! :-]
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tell me why [31 Jan 2004|05:17pm]
my family is doing a good thing in this day. currently they're off to buy me pizza from dominos. then they're going to borrow lotr from a friend and we're all gonna watch it [joy]. annnd mom bought me some bacardi razz. yummmm.

god i'm so bored. and i don't feel good.
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[29 Jan 2004|04:30pm]
2 hour delay so far guys.
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i dizzon't understizzand... [28 Jan 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i feel like someone needs to have a dress up dinner gathering. i feel the need to dress up and be lovely (at least try to be) but i don't want to dress up and just sit here by myself.

yesterday was wonderful. no, i didn't leave the house and no, i didn't hang out with anyone. i was all by myself but i had a good day. i watched the price is right, then watched how to deal. it wasn't a bad movie, really... the grandma in it smoked a lot of weed and it was too funny! after reading stephanie's journal where she talked about going for a walk out in the snow, i decided it sounded like a good idea. i found a trail in our woods that was a shortcut to another road where the tank plant is and it was great. the field was so pretty. it is officially "my spot." i can't wait until this summer because i'm going to walk out there all the time. hmm then i came in and layed on the floor and listened to maroon 5. i felt so peaceful yesterday. it was weird.

now today has just been boring. i don't even remember what i've done... i took a nap, i remember that, but nothing much else. we're out of school again tomorrow and i'm glad for that, but i feel like i need something to do. i hope the parental's will take me to kendall's since obviously my car won't be moving for many, many days.

i need to write. i've got so much emotion built up and i haven't written it out for a while. i think i will do that now. :)

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when your eyes say it [26 Jan 2004|09:18pm]
this is for c3_grubber

i'm so happy it snowed. no school today, no school tomorrow. . .and more days off would work well for me. i get bored easily at home but it beats school by a long shot. i wanted to go hang out today, but the parentals were like well...no. so i stayed home. there is always tomorrow.

so last night as i was livin it up late night style online with bassem, i joined friendster. it is quite an interesting little operation, and i've almost gotten the hang of it. if you are on there, tell me what your email is so i can add you.<3

oh i have something funny that happened last night. at least it was funny to me. i was looking through the glass door at the snow, and i touched the door and there was like ice on it or something. so i yell "OH MY GOD THERE IS ICE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!" and dad was like .. "OH MY GOD IT'S IN THE FREEZER!" he shut me down. he shut me down somethin fierce. so i guess it only makes me laugh but oh well....pssha.

mom and i watched hip hop's slanguistics today.
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what am i to talk about? my dreadlocks? [25 Jan 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | content ]

today was so good.
tonight was so good.
i'm tired.

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in just seven days [23 Jan 2004|10:09pm]
i hung out with myself tonight. me time is good time, but only upon occasion. i think tonight was a good time for it. i watched rocky horror and did random other nonsense things. it's not like it was exciting. just laidback.

i need to do my proposal for biology. it could drastically adjust my grade to a position i'm more in favor of. i probably won't do it because i am that lazy. the assignment was supposed to be turned in on october 3rd but i'll have you know i'm not the only one that doesn't have it finished (or even started, for that matter). *coughszabocough* =) we are the slacker buddies of life. it's true!

i wonder if my update will beat sara's. we are just too good for life.
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get out of my head funked out [22 Jan 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

susan and i fabulously discussed fractions today. numbers of interest included 2 1/2, 1/2, and 1/4.

i'm about to surprise you all. i studied for an exam. it's the first one, and, the only one, which happens to just be the last one. and to be truthful, it wasn't really studying, but it's more than i've done for any other exam. i just read my old tests. lucky for me i can actually recall the information. if only it worked that way in biology and government!

band times were very much fun today. i ♥ mr. gall way too much for my own good. i am going to have such horrible separation anxiety from him when i leave here.

i feel like i need to see the butterfly effect. and i feel like i need to stop saying "i feel like."

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you came along and moved me [21 Jan 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i'm a lazy bitch. i am going to fail biology, maybe government at this point, and what am i doing, you might ask? updating livejournal. reading my friends page. hitting 'random.'

things make me sad.

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you shake my nerves [18 Jan 2004|07:54pm]
stolen from jbutorsky
1. Put all of your songs onto a playlist, or cue up your most recently used playlist
2. Set it to random
3. Write down the first 30 songs it chooses

1- jimmie's chicken shack - string of pearls
2- the doors- hello i love you
3- jack off jill - boygrinder
4- match game theme
5- herman's hermits - henry the VIII
6- lfo - summer girls
7- saves the day - always ten feet tall
8- atom and his package - upside down from here
9- billy idol - white wedding
10- voodoo glow skulls - ugly stick
11- bright eyes - waste of paint
12- smashing pumpkins - tonight tonight
13- the adicts - telepathic people
14- dead kennedys - drug me
15- phantom planet - california
16- sublime - i saw red
17- rammstein - engel
18- human league - fascination
19 - soft cell - tainted love
20- johnny cash - folsom prison blues
21- the celebrated summer - glass windows in stone houses
22- tenacious d - rock your socks off
23- kelis - milkshake
24- bright eyes- if winter ends
25- conshafter - heavy metal parking lot
26- sesame street - i love trash
27- doris day - perhaps perhaps perhaps
28- black 47 - irish drinking song
29- drumline marching band medley
30- stephen lynch - special fred
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pictures at an exhibition [18 Jan 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

these past two days have been too good to me. it really all started friday night, but i was just being a giggly girl with a grin then.

rebecca, sara, and i, went to vcu for the festival of winds and percussion yesterday. it would've been horrible without the people to make fun of, and the random friends we made. the most memorable of those being sara's relative, emilie, contra girl, jacobstephenjoshbrad, princess adam, and of course.. the HOT GUY! yum. it was a long day. we played some "different" songs but our director was really awesome and made them semi-fun. it was a good experience.
sara--it's sinister, big fat ox, cholesterol, old jews, dead people! =)

today i slept late and it was amazing. it felt goooooood. we had our band concert today and it wasn't so bad. i have to say it was just a happy happy time for me on any account. =D mmhmm. i'm excited for my cd.

i have homework to do.


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vanity. [16 Jan 2004|08:32pm]
+2.Collapse )
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this is the story [16 Jan 2004|08:13pm]

My cuticles feel less important than my fingernails by 37%.Collapse )
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1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - - & 2 - [16 Jan 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | spicy ]

burlesk for band II has been stuck in my head for what seems like the decade. we didn't even play it today, and it's there. it's driving me crazy. i can't wait to get the cd of the concert so i can soothe my needs.

today wasn't so bad. we made band hoodies! hoorah. it's about damn time gummy found time to make 9 whole band hoodies that took less than 40 minutes. they are so awesome though. the design is kick ass. other than that the day was not eventful. sara, wayne, and i bought doughnuts and that was pretty groovy. poor terrell. i hope he never came to pick them up. :-x that was about the climax of excitement. aside from our government talk, about where jesus came from, the virgin mary not really being a virgin, and well... so the story goes.

i want to do something tonight, but i think i might just sit at home. i have a lot of things to think about. and i need to catch up on sleep. and do work. la di da. but who knows at this point.. the night is not even here yet.

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rose tint my world [15 Jan 2004|08:08pm]
it is 8.00 and i have an essay to write. it is 8.00 and i have six biology summaries to write. i have a poem to print, a cd to burn, and a book to read. it is 8.00 and i should be watching smackdown!. tomorrow is friday. YAY! i have to study for exams. i mean really study. i need to work on biology so bad...
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i'm so tired [14 Jan 2004|09:53pm]
148 more days and counting.....
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gooey [14 Jan 2004|09:10pm]
What will your last words be? by cum_on_bitch
Your LJ username
Your real name
Your sex
Your age
Your last words will be..."who spilt my beer?!"
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move over [13 Jan 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

i don't ever want to talk again.
well, that's a lie! i will just pick and chose my battles justly. i won't be so stupid anymore. my business is well.. mine. and yeah. thats the way the cookie crumbles!

so today robert and i watched lotr ttt, thanks to szabe. i understand a lot more and i kind of enjoyed it (pretend i never said that). i just don't like how long it is! and after all the songs, i could only think of carolyn jamming them in her car. mmhmm, some good times there.

i'm excited for the end of the week. fun things are happening! tomorrow is the concert band's practice which probably can't be better than today. i was just "in the mood" for band and it was good fun. and audrey and i talked about LOTR and i feel good about that. i don't want her to think i hate her, and i know people in that class are mean to her somedays and i don't want to be like that. so yeaaaah. anyways, i am hopefully going to hang out with dj tomorrow too, and then thursday, well, i don't know but i hope i can go to the gym or hang out or do homework. saturday is.. maybe.. the vcu band thingy, and sunday is our regular band concert. (3 pm high school auditorium!) and well.. monday we don't have school yesss =)

i have so much homework to do but scott is a good man which is making me have a lighter load. yayy =) and well... things are starting to play out in ways i thought they would not but i think i'm happy for it. june 11th isn't so far away and i am very happy for that.

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